Meaning of PUNCH in English

/ pʌntʃ; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb [ vn ]


punch sb/sth (in / on sth) to hit sb/sth hard with your fist (= closed hand) :

He was kicked and punched as he lay on the ground.

She punched him on the nose.

He was punching the air in triumph.


punch sth (in / through sth) to make a hole in sth with a punch noun (3) or some other sharp object :

to punch a time card

The machine punches a row of holes in the metal sheet.


[ vn ] to press buttons or keys on a computer, telephone, etc. in order to operate it :

I punched the button to summon the elevator.

►  punch·er noun :

He's one of boxing's strongest punchers.


- punch in / out

- punch sth in | punch sth into sth

- punch sb out

- punch sth out

■ noun


[ C ] a hard hit made with the fist (= closed hand) :

a punch in the face

Hill threw a punch at the police officer.

a knockout punch

He shot out his right arm and landed a punch on Lorrimer's nose.


[ U ] the power to interest people :

It's a well-constructed crime story, told with speed and punch.


[ C ] a tool or machine for cutting holes in paper, leather or metal :

a hole punch


[ U ] a hot or cold drink made by mixing water, fruit juice, spices, and usually wine or another alcoholic drink


see beat verb , pack verb , pull verb , roll verb



verb sense 1 and verb sense 3 noun senses 1 to 2 and pvsym. late Middle English (as a verb in the sense puncture, prod ): variant of pounce .

noun sense 3 and verb sense 2 early 16th cent.: perhaps an abbreviation of puncheon , or from the verb punch hit somebody / something hard .

noun sense 4 mid 17th cent.: apparently from Sanskrit pañca five, five kinds of (because the drink had five ingredients).

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