Meaning of RELAY in English


verb , noun

■ verb / ˈriːleɪ; NAmE ; rɪˈleɪ/ [ vn ] relaysth (to sb)


to receive and send on information, news, etc. to sb :

He relayed the message to his boss.

Instructions were relayed to him by phone.


to broadcast television or radio signals :

The game was relayed by satellite to audiences all over the world.

■ noun /ˈriːleɪ/


(also ˈrelay race ) a race between teams in which each member of the team runs or swims one section of the race :

the 4 × 100m relay

a relay team

the sprint relay


a fresh set of people or animals that take the place of others that are tired or have finished a period of work :

Rescuers worked in relays to save the trapped miners.


an electronic device that receives radio or television signals and sends them on again with greater strength :

a relay station



late Middle English (referring to the provision of fresh hounds on the track of a deer): from Old French relai (noun), relayer (verb), based on Latin laxare slacken.

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