Meaning of SWATHE in English

/ sweɪð; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun (also swath / swɒθ; NAmE swɑːθ/) ( formal )


a long strip of land, especially one on which the plants or crops have been cut :

The combine had cut a swathe around the edge of the field.

Development has affected vast swathes of our countryside.


a large strip or area of sth :

The mountains rose above a swathe of thick cloud.


- cut a swathe through sth

■ verb

[ vn ] [ usually passive ] swathe sb/sth (in sth) ( formal ) to wrap or cover sb/sth in sth :

He was lying on the hospital bed, swathed in bandages.



noun Old English swæth , swathu track, trace , of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch zwad(e) and German Schwade . In Middle English the term denoted a measure of the width of grassland, probably reckoned by a sweep of the mower's scythe.

verb late Old English swath- (noun), swathian (verb); compare with swaddle .

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