Meaning of TILT in English


/ tɪlt; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb


[usually + adv. / prep. ] to move, or make sth move, into a position with one side or end higher than the other

SYN tip :

[ v ]

Suddenly the boat tilted to one side

The seat tilts forward, when you press this lever.

[ vn ]

His hat was tilted slightly at an angle.

She tilted her head back and looked up at me with a smile.


to make sth/sb change slightly so that one particular opinion, person, etc. is preferred or more likely to succeed than another; to change in this way :

[ vn ]

The conditions may tilt the balance in favour of the Kenyan runners.

[ v ]

Popular opinion has tilted in favour of the socialists.


- tilt at windmills


- tilt at sb/sth

- tilt at sth

■ noun


a position in which one end or side of sth is higher than the other; an act of tilting sth to one side :

The table is at a slight tilt.

He answered with a tilt of his head.


an attempt to win sth or defeat sb :

She aims to have a tilt at the world championship next year.


- (at) full tilt / pelt



late Middle English (in the sense fall or cause to fall, topple) : perhaps related to Old English tealt unsteady , or perhaps of Scandinavian origin and related to Norwegian tylten unsteady and Swedish tulta totter.

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