Meaning of X-RAY in English


/ ˈeks reɪ; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ usually pl. ] a type of radiation that can pass through objects that are not transparent and make it possible to see inside them :

an X-ray machine (= one that produces X-rays )


a photograph made by X-rays, especially one showing bones or organs in the body :

a chest X-ray

The doctor studied the X-rays of her lungs.

to take an X-ray


a medical examination using X-rays :

I had to go for an X-ray.

■ verb

[ vn ] to photograph and examine bones and organs inside the body, using X-rays :

He had to have his chest X-rayed.



translation of German X-Strahlen (plural), from X- (because, when discovered in 1895, the nature of the rays was unknown) + Strahl ray.

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