Meaning of COMPOUND in English


v. 1 put together, combine, mix, concoct, compose, make (up), formulate, blend They compound curry powder from different spices 2 blend, merge, coalesce, combine, unite, fuse or US also fuze, come or go together Sometimes two words compound to form one, as in 'ingrown', 'outgrow', and 'uptake' 3 aggravate, intensify, exacerbate, heighten, augment, add to, worsen, increase; enhance, multiply Demanding your money back now will only compound the problem

adj. 4 intricate, complex, involved, complicated; composite, multiple, multiform, multifaceted, Technical parasynthetic, parathetic The compound eye of the fly / Lets it see far better than I A compound sentence is composed of two or more clauses joined by one or more coordinating conjunctions, express or understood.

n. 5 composite, blend, synthesis, combination, consolidation, Technical parasynthesis, parathesis; mixture, amalgam, alloy, merging, merger, mix Table salt is a compound of the metallic element sodium and the gaseous element chlorine 'Slithy' is a compound of 'slimy' and 'writhe'.

Oxford thesaurus English vocab.      Английский словарь Оксфорд тезаурус.