Meaning of DEGENERATE in English


adj. 1 debased, degraded, corrupt, corrupted, vitiated, decadent, depraved, reprobate, dissolute, ignoble, base, low, inferior, vile He was a degenerate descendant of a once noble lineage Ben sank into the depths of a degenerate existence after Penelope left him.

v. 2 decline, deteriorate, decay, sink, worsen; backslide, regress, retrogress, weaken, go to the dogs, go to rack and ruin, Colloq go to pot He felt that art had degenerated since the days of Rembrandt

n. 3 reprobate, debauchee, wastrel, profligate, rake, rakehell, roué; pervert, deviate The detective said that only a degenerate could have committed such a crime

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