Meaning of GENERAL in English

adj. 1 common, prevailing, accepted, popular, public, communal, community, widespread, shared, extensive, prevalent, universal, worldwide, global; comprehensive, inclusive, all-inclusive, non-exclusive, overall, unrestricted The general feeling is that she should resign We demanded a general revision of the law. 2 ordinary, common, normal, customary, habitual, regular, usual, run-of-the-mill, everyday, familiar, accustomed; non-specialized, unspecialized, non-specific, unspecific Indoor plumbing became general only in the twentieth century Within the general area of ceramics there are scores of specialities. 3 mixed, assorted, miscellaneous, heterogeneous, encyclopedic or encyclopaedic, diversified, extended, broad, comprehensive, inclusive, all-inclusive, non-exclusive, overall, blanket, across the board, sweeping, panoramic, catholic, composite, combined, blended, hybrid, mongrel The plan is to prepare a general work of reference 4 vague, indefinite, broad, ill-defined, loose, inexact, imprecise, undetailed, non-specific, unspecific, generalized, overall; approximate This kind of general report fails to pinpoint problems

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