Meaning of HAIRY in English

adj. 1 hirsute, shaggy, downy, fleecy, fluffy, woolly, lanate or lanose, lanuginous or lanuginose, bristly, setaceous, setal, hispid, comate or comose, fringy, crinite, trichoid, strigose or strigous, strigillose; whiskered, bewhiskered, bearded, barbate, unshaven The creature had a very hairy face 2 tricky, dangerous, perilous, risky, uncertain, precarious, hazardous, frightening, worrying, nerve-racking or nerve-wracking, Colloq scary The situation at the office has become very hairy 3 tangled, intricate, knotty, complex, complicated, difficult, problematic, confused, confusing The exam contained some hairy questions

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