Meaning of PARTITION in English


n. 1 separation, division, splitting (up), split-up, partitionment, break-up, breaking up, segmenting, segmentation One of the results of World War II was the partition of Germany 2 allotment, allotting, apportionment, apportioning, distribution, distributing, meting out, doling out, rationing (out), sharing (out), dividing (up), giving or handing or passing out, parcelling out, Colloq divvying up The partition of the estate is in the hands of our solicitors 3 (room) divider, (dividing) wall, barrier, screen, separator Let's put up a partition to divide this office into two 4 compartment, room, chamber, section, part, area, division, subdivision, cell, stall, booth In open floor planning, furniture, plantings, and other movables are used to create the partitions where people work

v. 5 divide (up), separate, cut up, subdivide, split (up) It is always a mistake to partition a country into smaller, potentially quarrelsome units 6 Often, partition off. divide, separate, subdivide, wall off, screen (off), fence off We must partition off the machine room so that the office staff are not disturbed by the noise

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