Meaning of PIPE in English

n. 1 pipeline, tube, duct, hose, line, main, conduit, passage, conveyor, channel The pipes are inspected regularly for corrosion 2 briar, meerschaum, corn-cob, calabash, clay pipe, water-pipe, hookah, narghile, chibouk or chibouque, peace-pipe or pipe of peace or calumet, Colloq Irish briar, Brit hubble-bubble, US bong He slowly tamped down the tobacco in his pipe, then lit it 3 pan-pipe, whistle, boatswain's pipe, tooter, horn, wind, wind instrument, woodwind, brass They play the pipes in the London Symphony

v. 4 tootle, tweet, skirl, warble, whistle, peep, cheep One was piping away on a flute, the other was dancing a jig 5 transmit, deliver, channel, conduct, convey, supply The gas is piped directly into our homes 6 US look at, notice, spot, note, look at, Colloq get a load of Pipe the guy trying to climb up the outside of that building 7 pipe down. become quieter, quieten down, make less noise, hush (up), shush (up), whisper, Colloq belt up, shut up I wish they'd pipe down, I can't sleep 8 pipe up. speak (up), say, raise one's voice, make oneself heard, offer, volunteer Sally piped up with the correct answer from the back of the classroom

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