Meaning of PRATTLE in English

v. 1 prate, babble, blather or blether, blither, gibber, jabber, jibber-jabber, palaver, tattle, twaddle, gabble, chatter, patter, drivel, twitter, rattle on, go on (and on), maunder, Brit natter, Colloq witter (on), gas, gab, spout, gush, run (on), US run off at the mouth, Slang jaw, ya(c)k, ya(c)kety-ya(c)k, shoot off one's mouth Do I have to listen to him prattle on and on about his grandchildren?

n. 2 prate, prating, babble, babbling, blather or blether, blathering or blethering, gibber, gibbering, jabber, jabbering, palaver, palavering, tattle, tattling, twaddle, chatter, chattering, gabble, gabbling, patter, drivel, twitter, twittering, rattling on, going on, maundering, cackle, US jibber-jabbering, twattle, clack, Colloq gas, gab, running off at the mouth, Slang jawing, ya(c)kety-ya(c)k We were treated to constant prattle about eating healthy foods 3 jabberwocky, gobbledegook or gobbledygook, mumbo-jumbo, rubbish, balderdash, (stuff and) nonsense, humbug, bunkum, tommy-rot, trash, rot, foolishness, Colloq pish and tush, hot air, flapdoodle, rigmarole or rigamarole, bunk, piffle, moonshine, poppycock, claptrap, bull, hogwash, swill, Brit tosh, fiddle-faddle, boloney, Chiefly US garbage, horse feathers, Slang crap, hooey, guff, Taboo slang bullshit, US crock (of shit) What they told you about guaranteeing your job is just a lot of prattle

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