Meaning of REFINED in English

adj. 1 cultivated, cultured, civilized, polished, sophisticated, urbane, elegant, well-bred, genteel, courtly, ladylike, gentlemanly, polite, courteous, mannerly, well-mannered, gracious, gentle, noble, aristocratic, dignified, elevated, Colloq posh It is seldom that I find myself in such refined company 2 subtle, discriminating, discerning, sensitive, fastidious, nice, precise, exacting, cultured, educated, cultivated, knowledgeable, advanced, sophisticated Her taste in the visual arts is fairly refined, but she knows little about music 3 exact, precise, fine, subtle, sensitive, nice, sophisticated In his poetry one encounters an extremely refined use of metaphor These new devices are far more refined than any previously available. 4 purified, clarified, cleansed, pure, clean; distilled Only refined chemicals may be used in pharmaceuticals

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