Meaning of SIGN in English


n. 1 token, symbol, indication, mark, signal, indicator; notice I interpreted the shouts of the crowd as a sign that I had won the race 2 movement, gesture, motion, signal, cue, gesticulation She made a sign motioning me to come over 3 trace, indication, evidence, mark, clue, hint, suggestion, vestige She waited for an hour but there was no sign of him 4 device, mark, symbol, representation, emblem, trade mark, badge, brand, stamp, seal, ideogram, ideograph, lexigram, phonogram, grapheme, hieroglyph, cartouche, rebus, logo(type), colophon, ensign, standard, banner, flag; monogram, initials, cipher or cypher Sir Roger fought under the sign of a rampant lion 5 signboard, advertisement, placard, poster, US broadside; shingle, notice, announcement You can't miss the huge supermarket sign at the corner 6 omen, augury, warning, forewarning, foreboding, portent, indication, writing on the wall, prophecy, prognostication, foreshadowing We took the rumbling as a sign of an imminent earthquake

v. 7 autograph, put one's signature on or to, inscribe, countersign, endorse, witness, put or set one's hand to, mark; sign on the dotted line; Colloq US put one's John Hancock on or to I have already signed the petition, have you? The painting is valueless unless signed by the artist 8 sign away. forgo, relinquish, give up, abandon, abandon or quit claim to, waive, release, surrender, dispose of, sacrifice, get rid of With one stroke of the pen, he signed away most of his fortune 9 sign off. close down, discontinue (broadcasting, writing a letter, etc.) It is midnight, time for us to sign off till tomorrow 10 sign on or up. a enrol, enlist, sign up (for), register, volunteer, join (up), contract I signed on to be a bodyguard, not a nursemaid b enrol, enlist, hire, employ, put under contract, retain, engage, take on, Colloq take on board, bring aboard We signed up three new engineers this week 11 sign over. assign, consign, transfer, make over, deliver, give, donate, present, dispose of, turn over Aunt June was persuaded to sign over the ownership of the business to her nephews

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