Meaning of -ADE in English



suffix forming nouns:

1. an action done (blockade; tirade).

2 the body concerned in an action or process (cavalcade).

3 the product or result of a material or action (arcade; lemonade; masquerade).

Etymology: from or after F -ade f. Prov., Sp., or Port. - ada or It. - ata f. L - ata fem. sing. past part. of verbs in - are 2.

suffix forming nouns (decade) ( cf. -AD(1)).

Etymology: F -ade f. Gk -as -ada 3.

suffix forming nouns:

1. -ADE(1) (brocade).

2 a person concerned (renegade).

Etymology: Sp. or Port. -ado, masc. form of -ada: see -ADE(1)

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