Meaning of BUFFER in English

1. n. & v.


1. a a device that protects against or reduces the effect of an impact. b Brit. such a device (usu. one of a pair) on the front and rear of a railway vehicle or at the end of a track.

2 Biochem. a substance that maintains the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution when an acid or alkali is added.

3 Computing a temporary memory area or queue for data to aid its transfer between devices or programs operating at different speeds etc.


1. act as a buffer to.

2 Biochem. treat with a buffer.

Phrases and idioms:

buffer State a small State situated between two larger ones potentially hostile to one another and regarded as reducing the likelihood of open hostilities. buffer stock a reserve of commodity to offset price fluctuations.

Etymology: prob. f. obs. buff (v.), imit. of the sound of a soft body struck 2. n. Brit. sl. a silly or incompetent old man (esp. old buffer).

Etymology: 18th c.: prob. formed as BUFFER(1) or with the sense 'stutterer'

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