Meaning of CLAMP in English


1. n. & v.


1. a device, esp. a brace or band of iron etc., for strengthening other materials or holding things together.

2 a device for immobilizing an illegally parked car.

1. strengthen or fasten with a clamp.

2 place or hold firmly.

3 immobilize (an illegally parked car) by fixing a clamp to one of its wheels.

Phrases and idioms:

clamp down

1. (often foll. by on) be rigid in enforcing a rule etc.

2 (foll. by on) try to suppress. clamp-down n. severe restriction or suppression.

Etymology: ME prob. f. MDu., MLG klamp(e) 2. n.1 a heap of potatoes or other root vegetables stored under straw or earth.

2 a pile of bricks for burning.

3 a pile of turf or peat or garden rubbish etc.

Etymology: 16th c.: prob. f. Du. klamp heap (in sense 2 related to CLUMP)

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