Meaning of COACH in English


n. & v.


1. a single-decker bus, usu. comfortably equipped for longer journeys.

2 a railway carriage.

3 a horse-drawn carriage, usu. closed, esp. a State carriage or a stagecoach.

4 a an instructor or trainer in sport. b a private tutor.

5 US economy-class seating in an aircraft.

6 Austral. a docile cow or bullock used as a decoy to attract wild cattle.


1. tr. a train or teach (a pupil, sports team, etc.) as a coach. b give hints to; prime with facts.

2 intr. travel by stagecoach (in the old coaching days).

Phrases and idioms:

coach-built (of motor-car bodies) individually built by craftsmen. coach-house an outhouse for carriages. coach station a stopping-place for a number of coaches, usu. with buildings and amenities.

Etymology: F coche f. Magyar kocsi (adj.) f. Kocs in Hungary

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