Meaning of NORMAN in English

n. & adj.


1. a native or inhabitant of Normandy.

2 a descendant of the people of mixed Scandinavian and Frankish origin established there in the 10th c., who conquered England in 1066.

3 Norman French.

4 Archit. the style of Romanesque architecture found in Britain under the Normans.

5 any of the English kings from William I to Stephen.


1. of or relating to the Normans.

2 of or relating to the Norman style of architecture.

Phrases and idioms:

Norman Conquest see CONQUEST. Norman English English as spoken or influenced by the Normans. Norman French French as spoken by the Normans or (after 1066) in English lawcourts.


Normanesque adj. Normanism n. Normanize & intr. (also -ise).

Etymology: OF Normans pl. of Normant f. ON Northmathr (as NORTH, MAN)

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