Meaning of RADIANT in English


adj. & n.


1. emitting rays of light.

2 (of eyes or looks) beaming with joy or hope or love.

3 (of beauty) splendid or dazzling.

4 (of light) issuing in rays.

5 operating radially.

6 extending radially; radiating.


1. the point or object from which light or heat radiates, esp. in an electric or gas heater.

2 Astron. a radiant point.

Phrases and idioms:

radiant heat heat transmitted by radiation, not by conduction or convection. radiant heater a heater that works by this method. radiant point

1. a point from which rays or radii proceed.

2 Astron. the apparent focal point of a meteor shower.


radiance n. radiancy n. radiantly adv.

Etymology: ME f. L radiare (as RADIUS)

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