Meaning of SCRUB in English

1. v. & n.

--v. (scrubbed, scrubbing)

1. tr. rub hard so as to clean, esp. with a hard brush.

2 intr. use a brush in this way.

3 intr. (often foll. by up) (of a surgeon etc.) thoroughly clean the hands and arms by scrubbing, before operating.

4 tr. colloq. scrap or cancel (a plan, order, etc.).

5 tr. use water to remove impurities from (gas etc.).

--n. the act or an instance of scrubbing; the process of being scrubbed.

Phrases and idioms:

scrubbing-brush (US scrub-brush) a hard brush for scrubbing floors. scrub round colloq. circumvent, avoid.

Etymology: ME prob. f. MLG, MDu. schrobben, schrubben 2. n.1 a vegetation consisting mainly of brushwood or stunted forest growth. b an area of land covered with this.

2 (of livestock) of inferior breed or physique (often attrib.: scrub horse).

3 a small or dwarf variety (often attrib.: scrub pine).

4 US Sport colloq. a team or player not of the first class.

Phrases and idioms:

scrub turkey a megapode. scrub typhus a rickettsial disease of the W. Pacific transmitted by mites.


scrubby adj.

Etymology: ME, var. of SHRUB(1)

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