Meaning of CARDIOFUNK in English

noun (Health and Fitness) (Lifestyle and Leisure) The trade mark of a cardiovascular exercise programme which combines aerobic exercises with dance movements. Etymology: Formed from the combining form cardio- 'heart' (Greek kardia) and funk, a type of popular music (see funk). History and Usage: A development of aerobics, Cardiofunk was invented in the US in 1989 and imported to the UK in 1990. Cardiosalsa and Cardiofunk classes are jammed at the five Voight Fitness and Dance Centers. USA Today 4 Jan. 1990, section D, p. 1 Tessa a fan of cardiofunk and has got together with Derrick Evans to present the video Cardiofunk: the Aerobic programme. Company June 1990, p. 25

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