Meaning of CASUAL in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈkæʒjuəl ]

noun Frequently written Casual (People and Society) (Youth Culture) In the UK, a young person who belongs to a peer group favouring a casual, sporty style of dress and soul music, and often characterized by right-wing political views, aggressively or violently upheld. Etymology: Named after their characteristic style of dress, which is studiedly casual (but certainly not untidy--for example, sports slacks rather than jeans). History and Usage: Successors to the Mods of earlier decades, the first groups of casuals seem to have been formed in the early eighties. By 1986 they were firmly associated with football violence, having been described in the Popplewell report on crowd safety and control at sports grounds as groups which attached themselves to particular teams, 'bent on fighting the opposition fans in order to enhance their own prestige'. The subculture also exists outside the football ground, though, especially in wealthier areas. Politics just aren't that important for 90 per cent of skinheads. And you're more likely to get violence from the Casuals at football matches than any of us. Independent 23 Jan. 1989, p. 14

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