Meaning of ELECTRO in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ɪˈlektrəu ]

combining form, adjective, and noun (Music) (Youth Culture) combining form and adjective: (Of popular music) making heavy use of electronic instruments, especially synthesizers and drum machines. noun: A style of popular dance music with a strong and repetitive electronic beat and a synthesized backing track. Etymology: Electro- started life as a combining form of electric or electronic, as in familiar scientific terms such as electromagnetism. In the musical sense it developed from combinations with the names of popular-music styles (electrobeat, electro-disco, etc.) to become an adjective in its own right, and eventually to be used as a noun to describe a particular style of dance music. History and Usage: The first combinations of electro- with the names of other popular-music styles date from the early eighties, when synthesized and electronically produced sounds were becoming very important in a number of different areas of pop. One of the earliest and most enduring combinations is electrofunk, which expresses just one of the new directions that funk has taken in the eighties. More temporary combinations have included electro-disco (perhaps the most important, especially in Belgium), electrobeat, electro-bop, electro-country, and electro-jazz. By the mid eighties the music papers had begun to use electro on its own, both as an adjective and as a noun. Sometimes this was used as another name for electric boogie, the music played on ghetto blasters as an accompaniment to break-dancing in the street, and a style which ultimately fed into hip hop. Pianist Herbie Hancock...played a sterling set totally unlike his tarted-up electro-funk of recent years. Maclean's 29 Mar. 1982, p. 66 No dress restrictions, music policy is well 'ard with P. Funk, House, Go-Go and Electro cutting in. Blues & Soul 3 Feb. 1987, p. 34 You get bored with the happening hardcore electro groove business. New Musical Express 25 Feb. 1989, p. 43 See also techno

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