Meaning of FOODIE in English

noun (Lifestyle and Leisure) (People and Society) In colloquial use, a person whose hobby or main interest is food; a gourmet. Etymology: Formed by adding the suffix -ie (as in groupie, etc.) to food; one of a succession of such formations during the eighties for people who are fans of, or heavily 'into', a particular thing or activity. History and Usage: Although gourmets have been around for a long time, the foodie is an invention of the early eighties, encouraged by the food and wine pages of the colour supplements and the growth of a magazine industry for which food is a central interest. The foodie is interested not just in eating good food, but in preparing it, reading about it, and talking about it as well, especially if the food in question is a new 'eating experience'. An Official Foodie Handbook was published in 1984. He told me about the foodie who sat next to him in a Chinese restaurant and went into transports of enthusiastic analysis about the way in which the chicken had been cooked. Listener 27 Sept. 1984, p. 19 The oriental chopper...--a perfect gift for your favourite foodie, particularly if that happens to be you. Good Food Jan./Feb. 1990, p. 11

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