Meaning of GARAGE in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈɡærɑ:ʒ ]

noun Also written Garage (Music) (Youth Culture) A variety of house music from New York which incorporates elements of soul music, especially in its vocals. Etymology: Probably named after the Paradise Garage, the former nightclub in New York where this style of music was first played; there may also be some influence from the term garage band, which has been applied since the late sixties to groups (originally amateurs who practised in empty garages and other disused buildings) with a loud, energetic, and unpolished sound which is also sometimes known as garage or garage punk. History and Usage: New York garage developed in the early eighties (principally at the Paradise Garage but later also at other New York clubs), but only came to be called garage--or by the fuller name garage house--in the second half of the decade. The founding influence on the style was the New York group The Peech Boys. In its later manifestations garage is very closely related to deep house (see house)--indeed some consider deep house to be simply the Chicago version of garage, incorporating the lyrical and vocal traditions of American soul into the fast, synthesized dance music which is typical of house. The void left in trendier clubs following the over-commercialisation and subsequent ridiculing of 'acieed!' being filled by 'garage' and 'deep house'. Music Week 10 Dec. 1988, p. 14 The records will be anything dance-orientated: 'Rap, reggae, hip hop, house, jazz, garage or soul,' says Anita Mackie...'What is garage?' I ask. She consults a colleague and they decide on 'Soulful house'. I decline to ask them what 'house' is. The Times 25 July 1990, p. 17

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