Meaning of LIPOSUCTION in English

noun (Health and Fitness) (Lifestyle and Leisure) A technique used in cosmetic surgery in which particles of excess fat beneath the skin are loosened and then sucked out with a vacuum pump through a tube or cannula inserted into a small incision. Etymology: Formed from lipo-, the combining form of Greek lipos 'fat', and suction. History and Usage: The technique of liposuction was developed in the early eighties, principally as a means of removing unwanted fat which is resistant to dieting and exercise. Not surprisingly, though, it was hailed by the media and the public-at-large as the long-awaited end to all dieting for those with a weight problem and little will-power. She says he recommended a tummy tuck for her overhanging stomach and liposuction for her legs, bra line and chin. New Age (Melbourne) 16 Aug. 1986, p. 25 The liposuction that promises to suck bodies into shape carries the risks of all general anesthesia. Philadelphia Inquirer 20 Sept. 1989, section A, p. 17 For a consultation fat reduction (Liposuction) call us on the number below. Vogue Sept. 1990, p. 432

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