Meaning of RAGAZINE in English

noun (Lifestyle and Leisure) (Youth Culture) In US media slang, a cheaply produced news-sheet or magazine devoted to the dissemination of gossip. Etymology: Formed by telescoping rag (a contemptuous word for a cheap or worthless newspaper) and magazine to make a blend. History and Usage: The word was coined in relation to a publication called Hollywood Kids, designed to spread gossip about who was doing what in Hollywood, which first appeared in the mid eighties. The Hollywood Kids is a ten-page 'ragazine' which prints tall tales like the ones outlined above. Empire Sept. 1989, p. 32 You wanna be a gossip columnist? Dish the dirt in your own eponymous, Xeroxed 'ragazine'. Los Angeles Times 9 Mar. 1990, section E, p. 1

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