Meaning of TAFFIA in English

noun Also written Tafia (People and Society) Humorously in the UK, a supposed nepotistic network of prominent Welsh people; a Welsh 'Mafia'. Etymology: Formed by telescoping Taffy (a nickname for a Welshman) and Mafia to make a blend. History and Usage: A humorous coinage which has been attributed to the Welsh satirical paper Rebecca during the seventies. By the early eighties, the word had begun to appear in the national newspapers as well. I heard murmurings from the London Welsh network (otherwise known as the 'Tafia') on the subject of Sir Geoffrey's repudiation of true Welshness. Tim Heald Networks (1983), p. 160 A benevolent, nepotistic gang at the top, who make sure that good jobs are kept in the 'family'. Who...could imagine that the Welsh 'Taffia' would ever have let a juicy growth industry like cultural management get into English hands? Observer 28 Aug. 1988, p. 11

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