Meaning of TWEAK° in English

noun (Science and Technology) A minor modification to a computer system or some other mechanism; hence, an inessential but desirable enhancement, an optional extra. Etymology: A figurative sense development based on the idea of giving a mechanical device a tweak or fine-tuning twitch into shape; the corresponding verb has been in use in a number of technical contexts since the mid sixties. History and Usage: Originally a feature of US English, this sense became associated particularly with the world of computing and with the design and manufacture of large consumer items such as cars and motorcycles in the second half of the eighties. Some tweaks were necessary. He had to adjust the screen code to accommodate the different sizes of the DEC and personal computer displays. Computerworld 18 Dec. 1989, p. 35 The game is very neat and the ability to edit the levels is an additional tweak. Your Amiga Mar. 1990, p. 25

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