Meaning of DIPULSE CODING in English

The coding of "1's" and "0's" in a message in which one full cycle of a square wave , i.e., a positive pulse followed by a negative pulse in the same bit period, is transmitted when the message bit is a "1" and nothing is transmitted when the bit is a "0", or vice versa. Note: A dipulse signal can be generated by encoding the data into 50% return-to-zero (RZ) unipolar data and sending the bits through an AND gate with the system clock pulse. This RZ bit stream is then delayed one half-bit period and then added to the undelayed RZ stream. This produces the final dipulse waveform . The dipulse power spectrum is similar to that of the biphase coding power spectrum except dipulse coding produces a pulse-repetition rate equal to the bit rate . [ From Weik '89 ]

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