Meaning of MULTIPLEX BASEBAND in English


1. In frequency-division multiplexing , the frequency band occupied by the aggregate of the signals in the line interconnecting the multiplexing and radio or line equipment. ( 188 ) 2. In frequency division multiplexed carrier systems, at the input to any stage of frequency translation , the frequency band occupied. Note: For example, the output of a group multiplexer consists of a band of frequencies from 60 kHz to 108 kHz. This is the group-level baseband that results from combining 12 voice-frequency input channels, having a bandwidth of 4 kHz each, including guard bands. In turn, 5 groups are multiplexed into a super group having a baseband of 312 kHz to 552 kHz. This baseband, however, does not represent a group-level baseband. Ten super groups are in turn multiplexed into one master group, the output of which is a baseband that may be used to modulate a microwave -frequency carrier.

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