Meaning of CONVEYOR in English

In synoptic systems (e.g. a developing depression) airflow is not uniformly horizontal, and the system velocity (i.e. the speed of translation of the Low) must also be allowed for. High-velocity air aloft overtakes the synoptic feature, whilst lower down, the system often moves faster in a given direction than the low level airflow. To cope with all this, the concept of 'conveyor belts' was adapted for use in synoptic and mesoscale meteorology as a means of explaining the movement of heat, moisture and momentum around such systems. For example, in a developing/mobile depression, a warm conveyor belt (WCB) is assumed to rise from low levels in the warm sector just ahead of the surface cold front, to middle and upper altitudes over and well forward of the surface warm front. A compensating cold conveyor belt (CCB), descends from medium/upper levels well ahead of the surface warm front underneath the WCB then tucks around the backside of the low merging with the boundary layer flow.

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