Meaning of DIMENSION in English


noun extent; reach; scope; importance; as, a project of large dimensions.

2. dimension ·noun the degree of manifoldness of a quantity; as, time is quantity having one dimension; volume has three dimensions, relative to extension.

3. dimension ·noun the manifoldness with which the fundamental units of time, length, and mass are involved in determining the units of other physical quantities.

4. dimension ·noun a literal factor, as numbered in characterizing a term. the term dimensions forms with the cardinal numbers a phrase equivalent to degree with the ordinal; thus, a2b2c is a term of five dimensions, or of the fifth degree.

5. dimension ·noun measure in a single line, as length, breadth, height, thickness, or circumference; extension; measurement;

— usually, in the plural, measure in length and breadth, or in length, breadth, and thickness; extent; size; as, the dimensions of a room, or of a ship; the dimensions of a farm, of a kingdom.

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