Meaning of HOMOLOGY in English

noun the quality of being homologous; correspondence; relation; as, the homologyof similar polygons.

2. homology ·noun correspondence or relation in type of structure in contradistinction to similarity of function; as, the relation in structure between the leg and arm of a man; or that between the arm of a man, the fore leg of a horse, the wing of a bird, and the fin of a fish, all these organs being modifications of one type of structure.

3. homology ·noun the correspondence or resemblance of substances belonging to the same type or series; a similarity of composition varying by a small, regular difference, and usually attended by a regular variation in physical properties; as, there is an homology between methane, ch4, ethane, c2h6, propane, c3h8, ·etc., all members of the paraffin series. in an extended sense, the term is applied to the relation between chemical elements of the same group; as, chlorine, bromine, and iodine are said to be in homology with each other. ·cf. heterology.

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