Meaning of MONKEY in English


noun any species of quadrumana, except the lemurs.

2. monkey ·noun a small trading vessel of the sixteenth century.

3. monkey ·noun a term of disapproval, ridicule, or contempt, as for a mischievous child.

4. monkey ·noun in the most general sense, any one of the quadrumana, including apes, baboons, and lemurs.

5. monkey ·noun any one of numerous species of quadrumana (·esp. such as have a long tail and prehensile feet) exclusive of apes and baboons.

6. monkey ·vt & ·vi to act or treat as a monkey does; to ape; to act in a grotesque or meddlesome manner.

7. monkey ·noun the weight or hammer of a pile driver, that is, a very heavy mass of iron, which, being raised on high, falls on the head of the pile, and drives it into the earth; the falling weight of a drop hammer used in forging.

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