Meaning of PIPING in English


v playing on a musical pipe.

2. piping ·v emitting a high, shrill sound.

3. piping ·noun pipes, collectively; as, the piping of a house.

4. piping · & ·vb.n. of pipe.

5. piping ·noun the act of playing on a pipe; the shrill noted of birds, ·etc.

6. piping ·noun a small cord covered with cloth, — used as trimming for women's dresses.

7. piping ·v simmering; boiling; sizzling; hissing;

— from the sound of boiling fluids.

8. piping ·noun a piece cut off to be set or planted; a cutting; also, propagation by cuttings.

9. piping ·v peaceful; favorable to, or characterized by, the music of the pipe rather than of the drum and fife.

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