Meaning of PLATFORM in English


vt to place on a platform.

2. platform ·noun a place laid out after a model.

3. platform ·vt to form a plan of; to model; to lay out.

4. platform ·noun a plat; a plan; a sketch; a model; a pattern. used also figuratively.

5. platform ·noun a light deck, usually placed in a section of the hold or over the floor of the magazine. ·see orlop.

6. platform ·noun a declaration of the principles upon which a person, a sect, or a party proposes to stand; a declared policy or system; as, the saybrook platform; a political platform.

7. platform ·noun any flat or horizontal surface; especially, one that is raised above some particular level, as a framework of timber or boards horizontally joined so as to form a roof, or a raised floor, or portion of a floor; a landing; a dais; a stage, for speakers, performers, or workmen; a standing place.

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