Meaning of ABNORMAL in English


I. (ˈ)ab|nȯrməl, -ȯ(ə)m- also əbˈ- adjective

Etymology: alteration (influenced by Latin abnormis ) of anormal

1. : deviating from the normal : differing from the typical

the large family is abnormal today

: irregular , unusual

2. : greater than or superior to the normal : excessive

abnormal profits

abnormal ambition

: exceptional

abnormal powers of recollection

3. : less than or inferior to the normal : deficient in intellectual powers : characterized by mental defect or disorder

a school for abnormal children

: subnormal

4. : departing from the accepted standards of social behavior

• ab·nor·mal·ly -əlē, -i adverb

II. noun

( -s )

: an abnormal person

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