Meaning of ABSORPTION in English

əbˈsȯrpshən, ab-, -ˈz-, -ȯ(ə)p- noun

( -s )

Etymology: French & Latin; French, from Latin absorption-, absorptio, from absorptus (past participle of absorbēre to absorb) + -ion-, -io -ion — more at absorb

1. : the process of absorbing or of being absorbed: as

a. obsolete : a swallowing up or engulfing (as of land due to subterranean movements)

b. : assimilation , incorporation

absorption of immigrants

absorption of one railroad by another

c. : a taking up by capillary, osmotic, chemical, or solvent action

absorption of moisture from the air

absorption of gas by water

absorption of nourishment in the small intestine

absorption by plant roots of nutrients from the soil solution

— distinguished from adsorption ; compare sorption

d. : interception especially of light or sound waves

the light of an average star in the Milky Way band … was dimmed through interstellar absorption — B.J.Bok

high absorption of certain types of wallboard

2. : entire occupation of the mind

absorption in his employment

3. : the retention of electric polarization by some dielectrics for a measurable time after an exciting field has been removed — called also dielectric absorption

4. : the assumption by a freight carrier of special charges (as for switching) assessed by another carrier usually without increasing the rate charged the shipper

5. : reduction of power of radio waves through dissipation (as in the atmosphere) — compare attenuation 4

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