Meaning of ABUSIVE in English


əˈbyüsiv, -ēv also -üz- adjective

Etymology: Middle French abusif, from Late Latin abusivus, from Latin abusus + -ivus -ive


a. : characterized by wrong or improper use or action : constituting an abuse : perverted

abusive financial practices

b. archaic : catachrestic

c. obsolete : tending to deceive : fraudulent , cheating

an abusive treaty — Francis Bacon


a. : employing harsh insulting language

an abusive spectator

: characterized by or serving for abuse : scurrilous

abusive jibes

b. : physically injurious : tending to damage or weaken : rough

tools made for abusive use

• abu·sive·ly adverb

• abu·sive·ness noun -es

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