Meaning of ACCEPTOR in English


ikˈseptə(r), a-, ə-, e-, ˈakˌs- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin, from acceptus + -or

1. : accepter 1

2. : one (as the drawee) that accepts an order or a bill of exchange

3. : a substance or particle capable of combining with another specified substance or particle

oxygen is a hydrogen acceptor

ammonia and bases are proton acceptors

a proton is an electron pair acceptor

wool is a dye acceptor

— compare donor 2


a. : a circuit that combines inductance and capacitance in series so as to resonate to a given impressed frequency — compare rejector

b. : hole 2e(1)

c. : an impurity occurring in a semiconducting material and containing holes that contribute to the conductivity of the material

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