Meaning of ACCESSORY in English


I. noun

also ac·ces·sa·ry ikˈses(ə)rē, ak-, ək-, chiefly substand əˈs-

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English accessorie, accessarie, from Medieval Latin accessorius, from Latin accessus (past participle of accedere to accede) + -orius -ory — more at accede


a. : a thing of secondary or subordinate importance (as in achieving a purpose or an effect)

the pelican's pouch is an accessory to catching fish

: an adjunct or accompaniment

some counsel regard the jury as … impersonal and inanimate accessories of the court — E.M.Lustgarten


(1) : an object or device that is not essential in itself but that adds to the beauty, convenience, or effectiveness of something else

spotlights, reflectors, and other auto accessories

household accessories such as small tables and lamps

the accessories of the estate include a putting green and a tennis court

(2) : any of several mechanical devices (as pistons or tablets) that assist in operating or controlling the tone resources of an organ

(3) : any of various articles of apparel (as a scarf, belt, or piece of jewelry) that accent or otherwise complete one's costume

2. : one that is accessory: as

a. : a person who is not actually or constructively present but contributes as an assistant or instigator to the commission of an offense — called also accessory before the fact ; compare principal 1d

b. : one who knowing that a crime has been committed aids, assists, or shelters the offender with the intent to defeat justice — called also accessory after the fact ; compare principal 13c

3. : a mineral that is accessory

II. adjective

also accessary “

1. of a thing

a. : aiding or contributing in a secondary or subordinate way

accessory substances in nutrition

: supplementary or secondary to something of greater or primary importance

an accessory function of the tongue

: additional

sidewalks lead to accessory buildings

b. : incidental to a main contract or some other obligation (as by being given as security)

a mortgage is accessory to the main obligation

specifically : constituting a subordinate contract (as a mortgage or pledge) designed to assure the fulfillment of a prior principal contract

an accessory contract

an accessory obligation

2. of a person : assisting or aiding as a subordinate ; especially : uniting in or contributing to a crime, but not as the chief agent

charged … with being accessory to the felony — Sir Walter Scott

3. : present in a minor amount and not essential as a constituent

an accessory mineral in a rock

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