Meaning of ACCOMPLISH in English


əˈkämplish, -ēsh also aˈ- or -əm- transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

Etymology: Middle English accomplissen, accomplisshen, from Middle French acompliss-, stem of acomplir, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin accomplēre, from Latin ad- + complēre to fill up, complete — more at complete

1. : to execute fully : perform , achieve , fulfill

I have accomplished all that God has given me the strength to do — Henry Baerlein


a. : to attain to

I have accomplished 92 years of my life — P.B.Kyne

b. : traverse

he would starve before accomplishing half the distance — W.H.Hudson †1922

3. archaic

a. : to equip thoroughly

b. : perfect

qualities accomplishing a proper gentlewoman

Synonyms: see perform

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