Meaning of ACCURACY in English


ˈakyərəsē, -si, ÷-k(ə)rəs- noun

( -es )

Etymology: accura te + -cy

: the quality, state, or degree of being accurate:

a. : freedom from mistake or error : correctness

answers will be marked for neatness as well as for accuracy

to achieve accuracy , errors or their repetition must be avoided — English Language Teaching

b. : conformity to truth or to some standard or model

an account, the general accuracy of which could hardly be doubted

the accuracy of a firearm is its ability to deliver a close group of hits on a target

: exactness

impossible to state with accuracy the number of casualties

a play much admired for the accuracy of its idiom

the highly approximate reconnaissance accuracy of the map — Geographical Review

c. of measurement : the degree of conformity to some recognized standard value : deviation of a result obtained by a particular method from the value accepted as true

elevations have been extended as far as 50 miles across rugged mountainous terrain with an accuracy of about 2 feet — Science

— contrasted with precision

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