Meaning of ACETATE in English

ˈasəˌtāt, ˈaas-, usu -ād.+V noun

( -s )

Etymology: probably from French acétate, from acét- acet- + -ate

1. : a salt, ester, or acylal of acetic acid

2. : cellulose acetate or its products: as


(1) : a textile fiber made from partly hydrolyzed cellulose acetate in filament and staple form and characterized by faster drying properties and better electrical insulating properties than rayon made from viscose and usually by poorer resistance to softening by heat — called also acetate fiber ; formerly called acetate rayon

(2) : yarn or fabric made of acetate fiber — formerly called acetate rayon

b. : a plastic used especially in the manufacture of film and phonograph records

3. or acetate disk

a. : a phonograph recording disk made of various acetate compounds ; especially : one coated with cellulose acetate

b. : a disk recording consisting of a stiff core (as of aluminum) usually coated on both sides with cellulose nitrate and used especially for immediate playback

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