Meaning of ADAPTER in English


also adap·tor əˈdaptə(r) also aˈ-

( -s )

1. : one that adapts: as

a. : a writer who adapts novels or magazine stories to motion-picture use

b. : a music arranger


a. : any of various devices used in adjusting or fitting to each other the separate parts of a machine or apparatus whose design is such that adjustment or fitting would otherwise not be possible (as two pipes of different diameters)

b. : any of several attachments for a camera or other apparatus to fit it for uses for which it was not originally made (as for a plate camera to permit the use of films)

c. : a fitting usually of glass or metal that serves to connect one tube to another or to deliver an effluent from a condenser into a receiver in a distillation apparatus

d. : a circuit or circuit element added to change the performance of an electronic apparatus in response to different actuating conditions

a color adapter for black-and-white television sets

e. : a device (as a bushing) used to obtain proper fit of the fuse for assembly and functioning of a shell or bomb

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