Meaning of ADMIRALTY in English

I. ˈadm(ə)rəltē, -ti noun

( -es )

Etymology: alteration (influenced by admiral ) of Middle English amiralte, from Middle French amiralté, from amiral admiral + -té -ty

1. archaic : the office or jurisdiction of an admiral

2. usually capitalized , Britain : the executive department or officers having authority over naval affairs generally

3. : the court having jurisdiction of maritime questions and civil and criminal maritime offenses, in the United States such jurisdiction being vested in the federal district court and in England in the probate, divorce, and admiralty division of the High Court of Justice ; also : the system of law administered by admiralty courts

II. adjective

1. : relating to maritime law

admiralty jurisdiction

admiralty practice

2. usually capitalized : of or belonging to British naval affairs or officials

an Admiralty lord

the Admiralty buildings

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