Meaning of ADVERBIAL in English

I. ad·verb·i·al (ˈ)ad|vərbēəl, ədˈv-, -ə̄b- adjective

Etymology: Late Latin adverbialis, from Latin adverbium + -alis -al

1. : being an adverb

in some sentences the word likely is adverbial rather than adjectival

: of or belonging to an adverb

the adverbial suffix -ly

2. : having one of the typical functions of an adverb

an adverbial phrase

an adverbial clause

the adverbial noun months in “to wait months”

• ad·verb·i·al·ly -əlē, -li adverb

II. ad·ver·bi·al (ˈ)ad¦vərbēəl, adˈv-, -ə̄b- noun

( -s )

: a word, phrase, or clause that functions as an adverb

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