Meaning of AIRPLANE in English


I. ˈ ̷ ̷ˌplān noun

Etymology: alteration (influenced by air ) (III) of aeroplane, probably from Late Greek aeroplanos wandering in air, from Greek aer- + planos wandering, from planasthai to wander — more at planet

1. : a fixed-wing aircraft heavier than air that is driven by a screw propeller or by a high-velocity jet and supported by the dynamic reaction of the air against its wings — commonly used of a landplane as distinguished from a seaplane; see monoplane , biplane

2. : a piece of paper folded in three dimensions to be thrown (as by children) and made to swoop briefly through the air

3. : pinochle in which partners may exchange certain cards

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airplane: 1 weather radar, 2 cockpit, 3 jet engine, 4 engine pod, 5 pylon, 6 wing, 7 vertical stabilizer, 8 rudder, 9, 10 tabs, 11 elevator, 12 horizontal stabilizer, 13 inboard flap, 14 inboard spoiler, 15, 16 tabs, 17 aileron, 18 outboard flap, 19 outboard spoiler, 20 sound suppressor, 21 thrust reverser, 22 cabin air intake, 23 fuselage, 24 nose landing gear


II. intransitive verb

: to fly, glide, or soar in or as if in an airplane : travel by airplane

airplaning across the continent

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